Cheap Netbook Deals Hunting Tips

Looking for cheap netbooks? We are here to show you where to get them! Below are some great places that we recommend you to start with. We are always able to find some very good netbook deals from the list below.


Everyone knows Amazon. It’s one of the best places to purchase stuff online from due to their excellent service and the extremely competitive price they offer. You will find some pretty good discount for netbooks from the links below:

The older a netbook model is, the higher discount rate it gets. So don’t look at only the 30% off netbook as you will mostly find older or less popular model there. Try to look also at the 5% and 10% section which you will find lots of great netbook models there, including those that we recommend.


The reason we recommend is because of their Best Price Guarantee. According to this policy, if you find any netbook you purchased from them to be more expensive than one of the Internet retailers they specified (including Walmart, BestBuy, and Amazon), you can request a credit that will beat their competitor’s price by one cent. Request can be made within 3 days you purchase from them. Check out their other terms and condition here. Now with this policy, you can always trust that they are one of the online retailers that offer the best netbook price. Here are the most popular netbook deals offered by


NewEgg is another great Internet retailers that we can find some great bargain from them quite often. To find the best deal from them, start from their best selling discount netbook section.

And there you have it.. the top 3 online retailers that we recommend for netbook deals hunting. The best time to get a good netbook deals is when when a newer netbook model is released. For example, the price of the Acer Aspire One 532h may drop due to the release of the newer Aspire One 533, but there’s actually not much difference in terms of performance between those 2 models. If you can wait, the holiday season such as Labor Day, National Day, and Black Friday; or special event like back to school promotion, is in fact the best time to hunt for cheap netbook deals online.

If you are planning to buy a netbook online, it’s always a good idea to look around the web before deciding where to purchase from. It may take you some time to do this, but the amount of money that you will be able to save is well worth it — a good netbook deals can save you up to $100!