ASUS Unveils Eee PC X101 MeeGo Netbook On Computex 2011

ASUS Eee PC X101 MeeGo Netbook

ASUS recently announced the Eee PC X101 MeeGo netbook on Computex 2011. The netbook is super thin and light, weighing just 950g (2.09 pounds) and measuring 17.6mm in thickness. The best part is that it will cost only $200 for the base model. In terms of specs, it will comes with an Intel Atom N435 processor, a 10.1-inch 1024 x 600 matte display, and a 2600mAh 28Wh battery. There’s a higher end model called X101H which will feature a “hybrid hard drive” (SSD + HDD) and choice of Windows 7 or MeeGo.

Below is a hands-on video of the Eee PC X101 on Computex 2011 by Engadget: